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The mission of the San Benito County Farm Bureau is to preserve and promote successful agriculture in San Benito County through education, leadership and service.


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On Tuesday, May 16th, Ag in the Classroom is participating in a local day of giving, being hosted by Community Foundation for San Benito County. Please consider donating.

Your donation, large or small, will help us continue to educate local children and our community about the importance of agriculture and how it affects both the economic and social health of our county.

Any time on Tuesday, May 16th go online to: www.razoo.com/story/Agintheclassroom.com Click on the donate button to the right of the horse picture. All donations are tax deductible and can easily be made via debit or credit card.

AG IN THE CLASSROOM DESCRIPTION: San Benito Ag in the Classroom, a 501(c) 3, has been an important part of our community for many years. Our commitment to a healthy community, Agriculture and nutritious food choices through education has been an important and appreciated influence in our local schools. Our purpose is to provide experiential and informational opportunities about local Agriculture and the healthy food produced in San Benito County. Our goal is that students, teachers and adults gain an appreciation and understanding of Agriculture and the important role it plays in our daily lives.

Today, in San Benito County, there are approximately 48,600 crop acres farmed and 508,000 acres used for grazing. Even though there has been a large increase in the county's population in the last 20 years, agriculture remains the number one industry. However, many of the people who live here work outside the community, are unaware of their Agrarian roots and the importance of Agriculture to this community. Ag in the Classroom works to bridge the current disconnect between consumers and producers with the intention to preserve and promote local agriculture, bring awareness of the availability and the importance of locally grown foods and educate consumers about healthy food choices.

Currently Ag in the Classroom provides the following programs:

• Farm Day – a fun, interactive day where approximately 1,000 3rd grade students are educated about Agriculture. This event is offered to expose children to various Agricultural enterprises and develop an awareness of the positive contributions that Agriculture makes to our local community and economy. There are over 100 dedicated volunteers that make this day a success year after year.

• EATs (Educational Ag Tours) workshop - This day, immerses 50 local teachers in Agriculture for one full Saturday each school year. The morning session is spent going over ways to incorporate Ag lessons and activities into their classroom. The afternoon is filled with field trips to several Ag operations within the county to learn more about the industry and get a first-hand look at what it takes to produce food. The workshop started 5 years ago and every year there is a waiting list for teachers to attend.

• Harvest of the Month - This is a program that runs monthly throughout the school year. Children are exposed to various locally grown food products, from fruits, vegetables, nuts and even meat. A new product is offered each month and students experience a taste test as well as learn about the Farmer that grew the product, how it's grown, the nutritional benefits, history of, and recipe ideas. This program has grown over the last 4 years from 60 classes participating countywide to now over 125 classes, equally approximately 3,400 students from Preschool to High school. The value of educating youth about local Agriculture and nutritious eating is clearly evidence by the success of this program.

• Savor San Benito - This is a new event we are planning for 2018. It is a Farm to Table unique dining and educational experience. Featuring local produce and meats while also learning about where the food comes from, how it's grown, and why it is special. This event is sure to be heaven for the taste buds and an enlightening experience. The event will showcase locally grown food and connect the consumer and farmer in a rare opportunity to share the unique and culture of San Benito County Agriculture. Stay tuned for the date and location of the event to be released soon.

When you give to Ag in the Classroom your donation will work hard to continue providing Agricultural education to local students and community members. It will help expand our outreach and spread the word about the importance of Agriculture and healthy eating.

Please donate today. Show your support and help us continue our important work.

Thank you!


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Join Ag in the Classroom’s Harvest of the Month program. Harvest of the Month is a free program available to all San Benito County schools. Each month during the school year students sample locally grown crops, learn about their nutritional value and meet the farmers and ranchers who grow their food. All materials are provided. All you have to do is learn, share and enjoy. For more information email: ageducation@garlic.com or call 831-524-6363.

Farm Day - March 21st, 2017

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