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Harvest of the Month Program

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Welcome to San Benito County’s Ag in the Classroom’s 2017-18 Harvest of the Month Program

Harvest of the Month is a free program offered to San Benito County schools (Pre School- High School). It is a fun, informative, interactive program that educates students and adults about local Agriculture. Harvest kits featuring locally grown foods and educational materials are delivered each month during the school year.

Each month Harvest kits contain a locally grown crop, nutritional information; local growing methods and a fun “Meet the Farmer” page. Students will taste a variety of different foods, learn about how they are grown and prepared, and discover the benefits of eating these healthy products. This program is tied to common core so it can easily be integrated into daily classroom activities. Harvest of the Month provides students with first hand information about healthy foods and the flourishing and abundant Agriculture in San Benito County. If you have any questions, or would like more information email:

Harvest of the Month is provided by Ag in the Classroom and the generosity of various local funders, as well as the many farmers and ranchers who happily share their San Benito bounty in the form of the many fruits, vegetables, nuts and meats that are a part of the Harvest experience. This program is offered free to local schools; however there are significant costs to the program and participation is limited.

Please sign up ONLY if you are willing and able to devote the appropriate time and energy to make this program successful in your classroom.

The following is required to participate in Harvest of the Month. Please read carefully and check the box if you agree to these conditions.

    1. A minimum of 20 minutes MUST be allotted to the Harvest experience each month.
    2. In addition, teachers are encouraged to integrate the information from the Harvest material into the daily classroom activities. Tools are available to help build the Harvest material into your common core curriculum.
    3. Students are required to taste the product in its raw form. It may also be prepared, as desired. Recipes are always provided and further preparation is encouraged so that students can experience the food in both its raw and cooked form.
    4. Informational material should be read and/or discussed with students.
    5. Take home information must be sent home and encouraged to share with parents. Please encourage your students to share their materials with their parents.
    6. A simple teacher report describing how you have used the program will be required in January. Form will be provided. Pictures are encouraged.
    7. A final teacher evaluation of the program will be required after the last Harvest. This will help us continue to improve our program and better meet the needs of our teachers and students.
    8. Have fun, learn, and enjoy our program!